On Training:

“When I work with a horse my goal is to assure them there is no need to protect themselves, that things will work out between us and that there is peace to be found doing things together.   My focus is on getting a horse gentle while developing a clear and confident understanding of all that is involved with quality riding.  It takes leadership, patience and consistency to develop a solid horse and that’s what I try to offer every horse.”


On Teaching:

“When I teach I do my best to offer the same  – leadership, patience and consistency. Through demonstrations and clear, concise explanations, my goal is to help you learn skills that will help you enjoy your horse. I understand the challenge of learning a new skill and can assure you I’ve been there too. In fact, I still am and will continue to be, because I’m always working and studying - on the hunt for the next level of awareness and skill. I enjoy sharing with others what has been shared with me."



Contact Michael at:  

michaelsparlinghorsemanship@gmail.com | 612-423-2246

  Dakota Stables | 30813 Iran Path | Northfield, MN 55057