Here are some embarrassingly nice things people have said about/to me.

Michael Sparling has changed my relationship with my horses. His teaching makes such sense and is so effective that we made progress from the first session. He articulates the process and the feel, breaking down each step with patience and clarity, so that I understand the goal and can continue the exercises at home. Michael maintains a steady kindness toward both horse and rider that is truly inspiring. Through his methods I’ve gained more confidence, which has given my horses more confidence in me as a leader.
— Cathy, Charlottesville, VA
Michael is a clear and effective teacher. We all came away feeling like we learned a lot and took home clear ideas about what to do next.

We look forward to more! If you haven’t yet taken advantage of this new, young trainer, you should. He was a pleasure to work with.
— Mary, Ellensburg, WA
I can NOT thank you enough for making arrangements to work with us today.

I am so grateful.

I got a bit emotional over the many AHA moments. So humbling, but also such a relief to know I was causing, then nurturing the dullness that has become an obstacle in Chase’s development. I’ve been around long enough to know this was the case, but didn’t have the tools to affect a change until working with you.

And this is just the beginning.

In addition, I was so impressed with your “people” training skills. I recently retired from banking, 20 years as an Education Specialist. Teaching adults is no easy task and I can be a challenging and demanding student. Your balance of patience, directness and kindness was superb. You deserve much success and I hope to benefit from and contribute to that success any chance I get.
— Connie, Raleigh, NC